Mamra Almonds are a wealthy source of minerals, proteins and vitamins. It avoids coronary artery disease and strokes by favouring a strong blood lipid profile. Mamra Almonds are usually identifiable due to their shapes and high nutritional profile and contains more oil content than any other almonds type.

Mamra Almonds(Badam) is a superior quality of almonds that are 100% cholesterol free without any artificial colouring or chemicals added. Mamra Almonds(Badam) are higher in fiber than any other nut, During Pregnancy Mamra Almonds(Badam) can be nutritious way of preventing certain birth defect because of their high folic acid content. Mamra Almonds(Badam) is very useful when soaked in water overnight and taken together with milk in the morning. It sharpens eye sight, memory, improves health & Doctor also recommend Mamra Almonds(Badam) for diabatic & heart patients.
? Afghani Mamra Almonds(Badam) are a fabulous source of antioxidants.They are packed with
Vitamin E, Magnesium, Copper and high levels of unsaturated fatty acids.
? Almonds is one of the most commonly known in the Dryfruits family.
? They are well acknowledged for their rich source of Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins.
? Almonds have so many health benefits and nutrition that you don?t need to over think when you
are solo snacking.
? Ready to eat great bites when hungry and on the go.


Going about dry fruits and nuts online purchase is easy. All you need to do is visit Nutty and choose among several dry fruits and nuts available and place the ones that are interesting to you in the cart and have them shipped to your place. Mamra Almonds(Badam) is among many popular dryfruits and nuts available with us and that is in great demand. These almonds provide immense health benefits and aid in weight loss for you and entire family. So, next time whenever you are considering shopping for something healthy and stomach-filling, consider our Mamra Almonds(Badam).
Health Benefits
? Helps prevent heart attacks and various kinds of heart diseases.
? The two key nutrients present in Almonds (Mamra Badam), including L-carnitine and riboflavin affect the way neurological activities are carried out. Therefore, eating Almonds (Mamra Badam) promotes brain health.
? As Almonds (Mamra Badam) contain large amounts of dietary fiber and healthy fats, you can munch on them to prevent overeating and weight loss.
? Almonds (Mamra Badam) are also useful in preventing diabetes and blood sugar levels.

A tightly-sealed container needs to be used for storing Almonds (Mamra Badam). Ideally, this container needs to be placed in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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