Kagzi Mamra(Sattar)


The ones with thin shells are commonly known as Kagzi Badam/ Almond. Then almonds are naturally preserved by mother nature through the outer shell.

The best variety of Afghani almonds, Kagzi Badam, lives up to its name of being like a ?kagaz? or paper. It is thin shelled and is so soft that it can be broken with bare hands. This premium produce tends to leave our sweet taste in the mouth. This variety of kagzi mamra almond(badam) is something that can be consumed by each and every age group on this planet. Since it lowers bad cholesterol and strengthens the bones, it is healthier than its counterparts in the market. There is rampant sale all around the world in the markets of fake kagzi badam, but with Nutty Delite, you will never have to worry about the genuine nature of products. Our Kagzi mamra almond(badam) is 100% natural and best without any polish or colour.

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