Dried Apricot


Apricots are succulent, moist and chewy, full of healthy benefits and make for an ideal snack. Buy apricots(khumani) at Nutty Delite and savor their unique flavor.

Dry fruits are evergreen. And there is no denying this fact. What is really good about apricots and many other dry fruits is that they are available everywhere and make for a healthy snack anytime, anywhere. Apricots for one are extremely tasty and nutritious. Being a flexible dry fruit, you can make so many things with apricots, besides eating them directly.
Health Benefits
? Being rich in dietary fiber, including apricots in your diet will ensure smooth bowel movements.
? High concentration of dietary fiber, potassium, and vitamin C in apricots helps contribute
cardiovascular health and keeps a variety of heart related diseases like strokes, heart attacks,
atherosclerosis, and others at bay.
? High amounts of potassium in apricots ensure fluid levels in the body are maintained and that
metabolism too is regulated properly.
? Apricot juice is often given to patients suffering from fever as it provides them with a variety of
vitamins and minerals that also help in detoxifying a number of organs and systems.

Apricots can be mixed with a variety of nuts to prepare a healthy mix. Further more, they can also be used in a number of dishes and have milkshakes prepared out of them.

You can keep apricots in a sealed container and have them refrigerated for several days.
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